Marketing Evening In Santa Monica


Marketing genius Eben Pagan and his friend Alex joined me, Amber, Amber’s brother Kan Lamat and and their mother Sally at our home tonight.

Alex told a story of how a friend of his, Jeff, an internet marketer, show skepticism about peace in five years–Jeff was saying how it seems too big, too nebulous, and how he wants to focus on more tangible success in his life.

Alex told Jeff exactly how, in the near future, Jeff was going to be contributing to P5Y–since Eben is committed, and so is Alex, Jeff is going to be asked in the near future how to use cutting-edge web 2.0 marketing to cause peace in five years. Pretty soon, Alex told us, Jeff was all revved up about contributing to something beyond himself, something, as Walt Whitman would say “worthy of the prudence suitable for immortality”.

Once Jeff understood how he could make a concrete, important contribution to world peace–doing exactly what he loves to do and is good at–he was on board. Amazingly, that’s all any of us have to do to cause world peace by Feb 14, 2014: find out what our fun, exciting, skilled contribution is. No sacrifice, no pain, just fun, huge accomplishment, and the awesome feeling of participating in history.


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