Save World Peace From the Hippies and Pageant Queens


World Peace: it’s bland, idealistically hopeless, complicated, left-leaning, hippie boomer crap. Right?

Wrong. Let’s clear the air a bit, dust off some common sense, and rescue “world peace” from the deadly cultural morass where it is stuck in most people’s minds.

It is NOT:

  • Everyone somehow magically being so nice to each other that we no longer fight
  • A soundless explosion of heart-love created by humanity suddenly evolving to the next level
  • Dependent on creating “inner peace”
  • Elimination of the military
  • Impossible because “war is human nature”

World peace IS:

  • A global end to the danger of politically organized mass murder called “war”
  • The active, ongoing, multi-layered practice of safety from this danger
  • Necessary for our survival in the medium-term as a species.  Read that one again.
  • The culmination of a global trend toward cooperation and peace that is real, and doesn’t make the news.
  • An agreement among the family of nations to some new norms (similar to abolishing slavery) that prevent war and help us all

Our book, Give Peace A Deadline: What Ordinary People Can Do To Create World Peace in Five Years, gives the detail of all of this, as well as the global collaborative plan.

What you can do to begin collaborating: post a comment here, especially any questions you have, and begin talking with your friends and online community about world peace by Feb. 14, 2014. Much more to come, so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Save World Peace From the Hippies and Pageant Queens”

  1. agnes Says:

    Thank you for the “it is NOT” which clears up the purpose a lot. The following “it is” remains a little obscure (i still have to extend my knowledge of english sentences), but I will continue reading this great blog and spread the word!

  2. Wolf Halton Says:

    We will have to help the military-industrial complex, with its thousands of jobs and millions in income, to find a socially acceptable outlet for its creativity.
    Another thing world peace is NOT: Somebody else’s responsibility. We are all responsible, obliquely, for the perpetuation of the “eye for an eye” philosophy of sufficient vengeance that makes war seem logical and reasonable.

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