Instant Purpose and Passion: Take the Pledge


Here is a way a way to Supercharge your next five years and possibly the rest of your life. Have you been wondering what your purpose is that is worthy of your skills, passion, time and attention? Do you feel like a global citizen and want to connect to all of humanity? We invite you to take this pledge with us to collaborate for world peace.

This is about The Pledge Nathan and I took to create world peace in five years.  Various friends and business people have already taken this pledge for themselves.  This is adapted from our book Give Peace A Deadline.

Preparing to sign the Pledge

This is an opportunity to take a risk, based on knowing your capacities and your intuitive faith. To take the Pledge is to take personal responsibility for causing world peace. This requires honest soul searching. We don’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t ready to make that promise. In fact, don’t take the Pledge unless you know you will follow through. Only you know if you are ready to make that commitment. Taking the Pledge is an initiation that launches your life into a new level of being.

Before you take the Pledge, you may ask for help, collaboration, resources, ideas, or feedback from others, but once you take the Pledge, you are fully accountable. You are a resource. You are the key to creating world peace in five years.

Here are some of the people who did what you’re considering doing. Thomas Edison didn’t know how he was going to invent the lightbulb. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., did not know the final view of civil rights. Gandhi didn’t know how England was going to leave India when he declared that he would lead India to independence. Badshah Khan didn’t know that 100,000 Muslim Pathan tribesmen would join his nonviolent army in Afghanistan. Nelson Mandela didn’t know how apartheid would end when he began his twenty-seven-year prison sentence. Sometimes all we need is to be certain of what a vision means and let the methods.

Warning! The Pledge Is a personal promise you make to yourself and the world to create peace by 2014. If you don’t want to go through all the steps of articulating your passions and skills, figuring out your values, or aligning your life; if you want the super-efficient way through all of that, then the gesture that gets it all done in one fell swoop is to take the Pledge. This is pulling yourself through from the other side instead of pushing yourself from where you are now.

Please Do NOT take the pledge:

•  Because you feel pressured from everyone else doing it.
•  Because your favorite celebrity, political leader, or religious leader took it.
•  Because you feel pressured by someone.
•  Because you want to look good.
•  If you do not know what it is to make a promise and keep it.

Taking the Pledge

Now the time has come to step outside of yourself and to consider your commitment beyond yourself. When you take the Pledge, you make yourself personally accountable for peace in five years. You acknowledge that you are dedicated to the goals of P5Y, a global movement that will incorporate millions of individuals. You are taking responsibility for all of your actions. You extend yourself beyond your own personal context and combine your spirit and your gifts with a vision that reshapes humanity.

Taking the Pledge creates an umbrella of purpose over all of your actions.
It envelops you in an emerging understanding and generosity that energizes your life. You experience the raw thrill of living for something worthy of your attentions, toils, pressures, complaints, prayers, and celebrations. Now, you become aware that everything you do matters to our entire planet. Your life is now lived for something. Whatever your concerns may be today, they consume your attention, energy, resources, and life. Upon taking the Pledge, your concerns naturally grow to a global level, turned toward peace.

Until you throw your hat over the wall and declare that you will find a way, you cannot know the full power of making a promise for the whole world. You can know that the Pledge represents a new orientation of your life until 2014, focused on your commitment to creating peace. Although the Pledge is a five-year commitment, it will change you for the rest of your life.

Take a moment to reflect on the Pledge itself.
What is the first thing you would do? It is a wake-up call, an “oh, boy-o-boy!” moment. Upon Pledging yourself, something becomes immediately obvious as the next thing to do, that thing that will further your keeping your Pledge. Let go of your fear. Trust yourself.

If now is the time for you to take the Pledge, then write it out in your own handwriting and sign it:



By February 14, 2014, I will have created World Peace as measured by The Economist magazine.

___________________________________   __________________
name                                                                                          date

We recommend putting the signed Pledge in a place where you will see it
every day. We put it up as our computer screensaver. This is your vision, your
statement, your Pledge. Together, all of us will create world peace by 2014.


One Response to “Instant Purpose and Passion: Take the Pledge”

  1. Haroun Kola Says:

    Its what us hippies, beauty queens, enlightened leaders and other beautiful people have been talking about forever, hippies in a stoned haze, queens to be crowned leaders consistently. Its about time the masses awaken from tv induced stupor to join the party, cause peace is where its at 🙂

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