The current conversation about peace and war is killing us


Peace seems boring or wimpy while war is dramatic or macho. War is black and white, do or die, mission failed or mission accomplished. War is “take orders”, peace is “think and talk”. War is hot-headed, action-oriented, while we see peace as “slow down”, about options and talking. War is crisp, fact-filled communication, peace is vague, theory-filled discussion. War and its outcomes are immediate and obvious, whereas peace doesn’t have definite lines. War is urgent, exciting; peace is relaxed, reflective.

Peace seems complicated while war seems simple.

But peace is good, and war is bad. War is not just bad, it is wrong. Even if you think war wasn’t wrong in the past, it is definitely wrong today. It’s not wrong to defend yourself or your country from attack—I’m saying the whole idea of politically organized mass murder, rape and destruction is wrong and outdated like slavery, human sacrifice and stretching people on the rack are outdated.

Are we going to let ourselves just throw up our hands and give up because peace seems overwhelming? NO! “Overwhelming” is a paper tiger—practicing peace safety is far less overwhelming than war—just ask any combat veteran, war widow or rape victim.

What if we did the ju-jitsu and took all the stuff that makes war appealing and use it for peace? That’s what P:5Y does: World peace is now clear: and end to all politically organized violence. It is urgent: we make peace or we all perish. It is measurable: worldwide violent conflicts decrease, then cease.

The NUMBER ONE global mission: push through a Global Peace Treaty among the family of nations. More on the specifics later.

2009 is the year that peace got clear, urgent, doable. This is the year peace organized itself into an army, made clear missions, and started accomplishing them. Peace set priorities, took action, kicked ass. Peace has a deadline.

World peace is giving orders, taking orders, communicating crisply. You can be a foot soldier or a strategist or a quartermaster for peace.

This year, we need recruiters: we need you join the peace army and talk your friends into joining too. On February 14 we launch Peace in Five Years, along with the next version of which will let you bank your hours for peace—more on that later.

Invite all your friends on Facebook to join the Peace in Five Years cause. Follow @amberlupton or @ottonathan on Twitter. Talk about peace as safety, peace as doable, peace as urgent, interesting., definite.

Oh, and yes, creating world peace is a LOT easier than war. It may seem like a lot of effort, but just think about it for yourself: establishing the worldwide practices of safety from war is less effort, less cost, and WAY more benefit than fighting even one major war. P:5Y is focusing, collaborating and making it EASY for YOU to create world peace.

PS: ending war in the next five years is easier than taking longer. Let’s get this done so we can move on to what’s next for all of us in world where war is systematically prevented.


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