Killing = Old Fashioned, Primitive and Counterproductive


There are people from around the world expressing views  similar to P:5Y , even in some of the least likely places. Though I don’t agree that America or Europe are necessarily better examples of war (killing human beings), I do appreciate that war is being spoken of as ‘primitive, old-fashion and counterproductive’.

“Jan. 5, 2009 | TEL AVIV — If there is one issue separating Israel from its role models in the West, it is the perceived legitimacy of using force. In Europe, and in many parts of American public opinion, military power is seen as an option of last resort; a primitive, old-fashioned and often counterproductive tool of policy. To us, hitting our enemies once in a while feels like a necessary behavior in a tough neighborhood. It may backfire, as it often does, but still, most Israelis believe it’s impossible to survive in the Middle East without resorting to occasional aggression…”

I recommend clicking this link and reading on.


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