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5 Year Lift Off

February 14, 2009

World Peace is possible, it has a Deadline, and here’s why it’s up to You!

Today in 12 cities around the globe groups of people are Giving Peace A Deadline. People who have always wanted peace, but until now haven’t felt it was possible or that they didn’t have the tools. Now myself and thousands of others I have never met before, are committing the next five years of our lives to delegitimizing war on the planet forever.

“The 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate of progress” Ray Kurzweil

No matter what, five years from now on Feb 14th, 2014 we will all be in a very different world. We will have given up five years of our lives to do something. I want to wake up in a world where All human life is valued and protected.

You can be a part of this epic adventure.

The team is gathering at


Nice Beliefs Prevent Peace

February 6, 2009

A friend voiced this frequently found opinion in an email today:

UntilNathan Otto basic survival needs are met in these [poor] countries peace isn’t possible.

Actually, we can have world peace before these basic survival needs are met. In fact, I would be astounded if we could meed basic needs globally before we abolish war. War is one of the worst ways that prevents these needs from being met. Desperation, according to Paul Collier, economist and author of “The Bottom Billion”, is not a big driver of war.  Surprised? I was too. The reason is brutal economics–which is probably why they call economics the dismal science. Here is the simple reason desperately poor people rarely or never wage war: it costs a lot of money.

Even “cheap” war requires food, ammunition, transportation, and supplies. War is always very expensive relative to the population–even in the USA. A starving or desperate population simply does not have the resources to wage war. Even though desperation may fuel acts of cruelty, outright war, with political or economic objectives, in a poor country is typically not sustainable without some form of outside economic input.

Imagine you are starving, weak, and desperate–you might fight for a moment of survival, but you don’t have the energy or motivation to fight a war, until maybe you eke out enough food and ammo to get out of your immediate dire situation.

War often happens near scenes of desperation and starvation, because war is a cause of famine. Refugee populations, fleeing death and destruction, or often just the rumor of death and destruction, are cut off from food, water, shelter and health care. But generally the soldiers acting as agents of the mayhem are well enough fed and supplied to continue the violence, often directly against a civilian population.

War in desperately poor areas is usually financed by extractive industries pumping cash into the hands of warlords and corrupt politicians. It’s not the fault of the companies, or of the corrupt politicians, as it is the entire system we ALL participate in, that lets us buy minerals and timber found in our computers and furniture that finances war and corruption without our knowledge or consent. We peacemakers need to look at and change these systems to increase transparency, so that our purchases support peace.

Unlimited Peace Power with Tony Robbins

February 3, 2009

At eleven I had this sorta empathetic realization when I switched schools and almost got ‘beat up‘ by ten other kids. I got to feel every moment I had harassed other kids and what that felt like. That’s when things changed. I dedicated my life to God and started reading the Bible from front to back, along with listening to my mothers library of personal development tapes from Brian Tracy to Louis Hay. At fourteen my mother gave me Awaken The Giant Within. I remember devouring it in study hall, underlining all the  quotes, filling out the questions of my life behaviors, and sharing all the good parts with my friends after school.

It was a monumental day sitting on the stairs leading up to my bedrooom. I’d been filling out applications and making arrangements for weeks to see if I could go to the ‘U.P.W.’ Unleash The Power Within weekend with Tony Robbins in Dallas. I was fifteen holding my white cordless phone to my ear. The carpet was scratching my legs. I screamed and about jumped off the stairs when the account executive said “You’ve been accepted on student scholarship to UPW!”

That same scream Happened TODAY.  Fifteen years later, opening an email to see Tony Robbins endorsed Give Peace A Deadline.

“Here’s how you can help to move the world toward world peace in five years. Committing to a path of peace transforms every aspect of your life. Buy this book. Read it. Act on it!”

Anthony Robbins, Best Selling Author of Unlimited Power

Here’s to Unlimited Power to Create Peace In A Deadline:

Thank You Tony!