About P:5Y

P:5Y is a global collaboration to create world peace in five years. Starting with the launch on Februay 14, 2009, until the deadline of February 14, 2014, P:5Y collaborators will work in the areas of media, marketing, global project management software, grassroots organizing, and a Global Peace Treaty to effectively and measurably put an end to politically organized violence.

The world has the knowledge, resources and tools, including global communications networks, to create peace. If we continue to tolerate war as  a legitimate means of conflict resolution, we risk continued misery, global problems and even total destruction of our species (and many others).

The co-founders of P:5Y, Amber Lupton and Nathan Otto, conceived giving peace a deadline on February 10, 2008.  In the past year they have written a book, introduced P:5Y at an international peace conference in Prague, launched a website, and spoken with dozens of dignitaries, including F.W. de Klerck and the Dalai Lama, both of whom have unofficially endorsed P:5Y (we excpect official endorsements soon).

There are four cornerstones to creating peace in five years. These are RICE:

  • Reposition “world peace” in the mainstream as achievable, clear, simple, and necessary. Take it out of the doveish wimpy political trap: War is limp, peace is sexy.
  • Include Everyone: right, left, peacemakers, politicians, global leaders, locals, warlords, hairdressers, rednecks, farmers, pilots, intellectuals–everyone. Generate intense interest and momentum.
  • Collaborate: increase collaboration among individuals, NGO’s, governments, agencies, universities, corporations and the military to coordinate and complement peace efforts.
  • Ease of Use: make the practices of peace safety user-friendly and easy to understand, and create global peace management tools that answer the question for anyone “what can I do for world peace?”, and help people make meaningful, measurable, accountable commitments with deadlines.

For details on how you can create peace in five years, visit the P:5Y website, and order the book Give Peace a Deadline: what ordinary people can do to create world peace in five years from your favorite online book site.


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