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Win in Fast Time

January 9, 2009

This is the ‘new year’ and you may be thinking about making a ‘change’ somewhere in your life.   Sometimes to accomplish a goal it may seem easy to do a new tactic like ‘I’ll only eat 1000 calories a day to lose weight’.  Yet, many times the solution comes out of taking a step back to reflect on your ‘Whole Life System’ and ask ‘What needs to change holistically?’.

You may discover an entirely new approach to your goal that is easier and more effective. For instance, instead of taking an isolated action, you may come up with an approach like ‘Asking yourself the purpose you want in each moment, including while you’re eating food or talking to a friend.’  Out of that approach new actions fall out in multiple areas of life.

These four questions below are modified from Winning in Fast Time a book I highly recommend for creating strategies in business or global system change. The authors are John Warden III and Leland Russell.

What future do you want to create?

What system change is necessary for that future to become reality?

What leverage points in the system will move it in the desired direction?

How will you know when you’ve finished or succeeded?

Some people lay bricks not knowing what they’re working for. Others step back to envision the larger picture and architect the future.