Who are these people?

… I mean really?

Nathan Otto is the grandson of Bill and Vieve Gore, the visionary founders of W. L. Gore and Associates, a three-billion-dollar family-owned company that has been on the Fortune 100 List of 100 Best Companies to Work For since the inception of the list. The unique culture of Gore, which empowers individuals and small teams to innovate for value creation, has been studied at all major business schools. It was recently featured, along with Whole Foods and Google, in The Future of Management, written by London School of Economics professor and business consultant Gary Hamel and Bill Breen.

Nathan built two Internet-based companies from scratch and sold them in a fifteen-year career as an entrepreneur, then he founded a consultancy called Plenable Solutions to apply principles of user-friendly business processes to other companies. Nathan also teaches a seminar for people who inherit large estates about how to align their contributions with their core values.

Amber Lupton is an expert on personal development and transformation, having started her studies at eleven with teachers as diverse as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, to Ken Wilber. She has taught workshops all over the world, incorporating cognitive and motivational approaches, breathwork, yoga, and personal inquiry. Amber also cofounded the Holistic Alliance, a successful specialized website-hosting company serving psychotherapists, massage therapists, and sustainable construction contractors. Nathan and Amber together are cofounders of DharmaMix, an Internet-based social venture media company that produces inspirational and personal development messages over music.

In seeking a deeper mission, Nathan and Amber traveled around the world to
speak with global leaders such as F. W. de Klerk, Michael Moore, Paul Wolfowitz, Madeline Albright and Václav Havel and with groups of philanthropists about the best contribution that could be made to world peace.

Nathan Otto

Amber Lupton


One Response to “Who are these people?”

  1. Victoria Sargasso Says:

    You guys rock!!! So inspiring to have meet you! 🙂

    Warm Regards,

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