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Pen Gone Wild with Peace Dates

January 23, 2009

Hello Friend,

This PDF is what happens when Borders Books and our new LiveScribe Pen Joe Polish recommended ALL come together.

For YOU who are sending emails to Contribute to the Peace In Five Years launch this Feb 14th.  This is a schedule of coming events.  If you want to contribute to this historic occasion send ME an email and tell me if you would:

1) Put up a mini-poster in your neighborhood

2) Send an email announcing the P5Y launch

3) Post a Facebook, Twitter, or Blog

4) Or if you get super duper radically excited like a dozen other partners around the world: host a Peace In Five Years launch party! Yep, email me directly at

Feb 14th at midnight the countdown begins! Where will you be?

If you can’t read that pen image I’ll just tell YOU!

  • Thursday Jan. 29th  Brochures will be ready HERE to download and put all over – print recycled (or extra lux extra forest!)
  • Tuesday Jan. 26th Email ready for you to announce the launch to your whole community. Let them know peace is NOT impossible.
  • Sunday Feb. 1st Next Email to your crew with more goodies!
  • Sunday Feb. 8th. Don’t forget your peace email you can send!
  • Tuesday Feb. 10th the Launch Party total do-peace-yourself kit will be ready to download! (VIDEO, CD, Party Formats)

14th of Feb.. You Know the Deal!

p.s. If you want to be invited to the Uber Hollywood party send me an email

p.p.s. Here’s a link to the Facebook group

5Y Pen Calendar