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5 Year Lift Off

February 14, 2009

World Peace is possible, it has a Deadline, and here’s why it’s up to You!

Today in 12 cities around the globe groups of people are Giving Peace A Deadline. People who have always wanted peace, but until now haven’t felt it was possible or that they didn’t have the tools. Now myself and thousands of others I have never met before, are committing the next five years of our lives to delegitimizing war on the planet forever.

“The 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate of progress” Ray Kurzweil

No matter what, five years from now on Feb 14th, 2014 we will all be in a very different world. We will have given up five years of our lives to do something. I want to wake up in a world where All human life is valued and protected.

You can be a part of this epic adventure.

The team is gathering at


Pen Gone Wild with Peace Dates

January 23, 2009

Hello Friend,

This PDF is what happens when Borders Books and our new LiveScribe Pen Joe Polish recommended ALL come together.

For YOU who are sending emails to Contribute to the Peace In Five Years launch this Feb 14th.  This is a schedule of coming events.  If you want to contribute to this historic occasion send ME an email and tell me if you would:

1) Put up a mini-poster in your neighborhood

2) Send an email announcing the P5Y launch

3) Post a Facebook, Twitter, or Blog

4) Or if you get super duper radically excited like a dozen other partners around the world: host a Peace In Five Years launch party! Yep, email me directly at

Feb 14th at midnight the countdown begins! Where will you be?

If you can’t read that pen image I’ll just tell YOU!

  • Thursday Jan. 29th  Brochures will be ready HERE to download and put all over – print recycled (or extra lux extra forest!)
  • Tuesday Jan. 26th Email ready for you to announce the launch to your whole community. Let them know peace is NOT impossible.
  • Sunday Feb. 1st Next Email to your crew with more goodies!
  • Sunday Feb. 8th. Don’t forget your peace email you can send!
  • Tuesday Feb. 10th the Launch Party total do-peace-yourself kit will be ready to download! (VIDEO, CD, Party Formats)

14th of Feb.. You Know the Deal!

p.s. If you want to be invited to the Uber Hollywood party send me an email

p.p.s. Here’s a link to the Facebook group

5Y Pen Calendar

Create History & Connect in Your City

January 6, 2009

– Serve everyone on the planet –

If you can imagine connecting to every person on the planet through a pledge for peace and won’t be the last one to sign on… If you want to be in driver’s seat of the destiny of the world.
If you no longer want to feel dominated waiting for government…
and failure is not an option for you, or for the world…

Then put a stake in the ground for the highest achievement possible in 5 years!

Host a P:5Y launch Party on February 14th, 2009 to start the countdown clock in your city.

Launch parties in Los Angeles, New York, Middle East, Africa, Australia are in the works. We want at least six global launch parties in cities around the world. You can host anything from a house party to a gala.

You will receive a Peace In Five Years Launch Party Kit, with a DVD, CD and press release.

Email to get the juicy details of hosting a party, get connected to weekly launch calls and receive your party kit! Calls start this week and we would love your partnership.

Together we put an end

to politically organized violence on our planet.

“By Feb 14th, 2014 I will have created world peace as measured by The Economist newspaper”  Take The Pledge-to have your life take on the meaning, direction and inspiration you’ve always known was possible.